A similar procedure, only the inspection covers no more than 30 cm of the intestine, it is also possible to take tissue for analysis. The productivity of this method (compared to a standard manual examination) is 2 times higher, since the abnormal growths are just located at a distance of 25-29 cm from the anus. Computed and magnetic resonance imaging.

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If necessary, with special tools, the doctor pinches off an element for histological analysis (to find out the nature of the tissue, whether a benign or malignant tumor is located on the intestinal wall). It is possible to take a photo of the affected area.

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With the correct passage of the study, the doctor can see the most specific picture of the disease, and along the entire length of the intestine. A flexible illuminated probe is inserted into the anus, everything that happens is displayed on the monitor.

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Colonoscopy, it will require the presence of professionals and high-quality equipment, since the method is painful, but informative.

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Examination with the help of hands, taking into account complaints, a possible disease in relatives. The advantage of this method is accessibility, the disadvantage is a small area of ​​​​the intestine being examined (maximum - up to 10 cm). A blood test for hemoglobin (lowered values ​​are possible due to occult bleeding of the colon). Analysis of feces (there is a direct type of viagra between open bleeding and secretions where they fall). Narrowly targeted methods of examination.

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  • To diagnose the likelihood of a disease of the colon allow medical methods:
  • Possible presence of soft tissue tumors, which is a concomitant sign of bowel disease.
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This patient needs to drink more water.

  • Addiction
  • Abuse
  • General deterioration in health, pallor of the skin, signs of exhaustion (since the polyp interferes with the normal absorption of essential substances in the intestinal walls).
  • Due to significant blood loss that is released into the feces (with multiple formations), the body does not receive such an element as iron (the nervous, respiratory, circulatory systems suffer).

There are cases when the amount of secretion secreted reached 1-2 liters during the day. Such a disorder can significantly worsen the patient's condition, since it is a loss of fluid.

  • The blood loss is insignificant, one-time. The presence of mucus, which is produced by glandular cells of tumors in response to irritating factors.
  • Small bleeding from the rectum, which are manifested due to injury to abnormal formations.
  • Possible bowel dysfunction, reminiscent of dysbacteriosis, when constipation alternates with loose stools.

Unusual pain in the area of ​​the rectum, in the abdomen.

  • The promotion of fecal masses can injure the tumor.
  • Unusual manifestations that should prompt an appointment with a proctologist, gastroenterologist or coloproctologist (sometimes gynecologists detect signs) are
  • In tubular formations, evolution into a malignant adenoma is also possible, at the very base (when the dimensions are exceeded due to lack of treatment).

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An unpleasant fact remains the possible development of benign tumors in children.her (the smallest patient - 1 year old) or cancerous growths of the colon (8-year-old child). Unfortunately, the risk of developing the disease increases if the family has relatives suffering from this disease. A polyp is reborn into cancer, the size of which exceeds 1 cm, and if there are villi on its surface.

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The villi, when injured, sometimes bleed (they are more susceptible to this than the surfaces of other adenomas). The formations are distinguished by a pink tint and a villous surface, consisting of thin processes. Single (one polyp, maximum 2). Multiple formations (exist in groups or in a scattered state). Diffuse tumors (they are also called familial) can develop due to a direct dependence on genetic characteristics.

According to modern studies, the percentage of cases has increased. Patients who are diagnosed with a polyp have become younger. The average age of a person who develops abnormal growths in the mucous membrane of the rectum is 16 years old, the disease manifests itself by 30 years old, and cancer can develop at 36 years old. If treatment has not come, at the age of 40 the disease can be fatal.

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A villous polyp develops in the mucous tissue not only of the intestines, but also in the uterus. The shape itself resembles a cauliflower, since growths of this type do not have a leg or other base and are attached directly to each other.

The percentage of development into cancer is higher. Its shade does not differ from the color of the surrounding tissue, but the density is much higher. Often attached to legs, which can twist and cause pain. He has low bleeding.

This polyp (up to 2 - 3 cm) appears not only in the colon, but also affects other parts of the digestive system.

The formation is small (up to 1 cm), soft, does not differ in color from the epithelium, which resembles the appearance of a thick, bumpy surface.